Is Braga LGBT friendly?

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Have you ever thought of visiting Minho or Braga and wondered if it was the right decision for you and your other half? The Minho province is very religious so the question rises: is Braga LGBT friendly?

As a LGBT herself, Marisa never cared much for hiding her sexuality. After her coming out, she was always at ease with holding hands, gestures of affection and not putting much thought into what others thought.

This is, of course, her view of things.

When it comes to understanding whether Braga is LGBT friendly or not, it’s important to highlight that the city is, nowadays, considered one of the youngest cities in Portugal. University of Minho is the home to various portuguese and foreign students that are making Braga a much more open-minded, liveable city.

Today, Marisa and her girlfriend roam the streets of Braga and surrounding villages much like a regular, heterosexual couple would. Or, let’s say it, like any couple, LGBT or now, should.

is braga LGBT friendly

We know, however, that you’re wondering what it would be like with other LGBT couples.

It’s important to have other people’s perspectives. So we’ll leave you some excerpts of our LGBT visitors and travelers.

The Traveling Uniqorns are a LGBTQ couple from Luxembourg that visited Minho in October, in our #RUMOAOMINHO trip. In their own words

Minho is definitely an area where LGBTQ couples are welcome. 

Portugal and especially the North seems very traditional and conservative at first sight, but we can ensure you that we were everywhere welcomed with open arms and that our sexual orientation did not play any role.

Beer for Breakfast, a LGBT Youtuber couple, are also posting videos on their point of view when visiting Minho and you should definitely check their videos.

Braga also has its own yearly Pride Parade since 2013, organized by a group of Braga activits called Braga Fora do Armário (Braga out of the closet).

As for Braga LGBT friendly hotels? We strongly recommend Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel 5*, just a few minutes from Braga, Melia Braga or Vila Gale Braga.