The answer to this question begs some knowledge because it really depends on some factors. Is Portugal safe? Should you choose Portugal as a travel destination?

is portugal safe

Instead of telling you why Portugal is safe, we’ll tell you why it isn’t.

  • Food

You’ll definitely will put on some weight. The food in Portugal is spectacular and you’ll be begging for more at every meal! Picture this: enjoying the sweet sunset while sipping on some Port Wine, waiting for your Francesinha to arrive. Then, a sweet Pastel de Nata and one of the best cups of coffee of your life.

  • Mountains

Did you ever dream you were on top of a mountain and felt that the world was all yours? What if you could make it happen? No, the Everest is not a Portuguese mountain. But you can hike in the Pico Island (Azores), climb to the top of Pico do Arieiro (Madeira), visit the beautiful Serra da Estrela and bathe in the Gerês natural lagoons.

  • Photos

Following on the previous reason, Portugal is not safe for those who love taking photos. Portugal is way too beautiful, way too stunning and photo-driven and you would become the photo king/queen. Dreadful. A picture for your Instagram? Don’t even dare, it will look dreamlike and everyone will hit like!

  • Beaches

Having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world doesn’t come easy. If you don’t like hitting the best beaches or catching up on some good weather, you should avoid Portugal. The 300 days of sun in the Algarve are not a treat if you’re not a fan of sunbathing.

But really, is Portugal safe?

Kidding aside, Portugal is currently one of the safest countries to visit. Bring your family, your special someone and live the best days of your life.

Portugal is the number 1 LGBT friendly destination, an excellent choice for families who are looking for calm, beach resorts and home to some of the best SPA’s in Europe.

So, yes, you should definitely visit!