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Both make anyone who’s fond of nature and culture dream. Their eyes sparkling. For us, the portuguese, theese are our pearl islands. However, even for us, the question remains: which is best: Madeira or Azores?

We’ll be very upfront with an answer: it is impossible to compare both islands.

Madeira and Azores both have common features. But, trust us, there are more differences than similarities! One the one hand, Madeira is a land of great traditions; on the other hand, Azores natural, stunning landscapes are, without a doubt, the archipelago’s biggest advantage.

If both are this different, how can we decide which one to visit? As a rule, we prefer to understand the travelers tastes, passions and/or goals for the trip before even suggesting one island or the other. Do you prefer landscapes? Or maybe you’re much better off with just embracing traditions and participating in events?

Mind you, it is important to understand that neither Madeira lacks nature nor the Azores lacks tradition and culture. However, we must weight each of their strong suits and features to make sure the traveler makes a trip that is worth his time and that makes for a memorable experience.

Here are some important aspects to consider before deciding:

  • I have but a few days to travel

This is a very important question because the frequency and time schedule of your flights can make or break the destination. If all you have are 3 full days, I’d recommend Madeira. You can easily book a tour to visit the East side on one day and another tour to the West side the following day. As for the third day, enjoy Funchal, the capital city. Even though this will not grant you an award for “best knowledge of the island” you’ll be able to visit Madeira’s core points. If, on the other hand, you have 4 to 5 days to visit, you can easily choose the Azores. This island is much more suited for you to enjoy your time in each location and breath in the nature.

madeira or azores

  • I like nature, but I prefer somewhere with a bit more fun

Even though the Azores isn’t a “dead” island, it is inevitable to not think of Madeira straight away. In the island of Madeira there’s a lot more going on in town. More festivities, restaurants, cafés, bars… The tours, also, are more varied in Madeira than in Azores. Those who frequently choose the archipelago of Azores for their trips are usually more fond of nature, landscape and calmness.

  • I’m not comfortable with driving in a different country

When visiting Azores, having a car rental will make the trip much more profitable than purchasing tours online or on site. Because Madeira has a lot more variety of tours, this island will be the best for those who prefer to take a pass in driving when on holidays.

Madeira Island

There are a lot more aspects that can make you choose Madeira or Azores and vice-versa. However, the ones highlighted in this article will certainly help you make a decision. Other aspects to consider will always include:

  • if you prefer a circuit travel or just backpacking style;
  • the time you choose to travel;
  • the kind of experiences you want to have;
  • etc.

There needs to be an understanding of the different traveler types and each one’s desires and goals. The most important, though, is to have a desire to travel and, from then on, Rumo Norte will help you.[/vc_column_text][nectar_cta btn_style=”see-through” heading_tag=”h2″ text_color=”#1ab3b1″ link_type=”regular” alignment=”center” link_text=”Madeira or Azores? Get a quote now” url=”https://rumonorte.pt/en/book-now/”][/vc_column][/vc_row]