Portugal wins Best Destination award

By 13 Dezembro, 2018 No Comments

Portugal wins Best Destination award for the second time! Yes, you read that right: the second time!

It’s amazing to see how far Portugal has grown in the area of Tourism alone. A total of 17 awards had Portugal written all over, including Best City, Best City Break, World’s Leading Island Destination and Best Adventure Atraction.

All in all, Portugal brought home the gold!

But, for those who know the country in depth, many things appear to be missing and, thus, many tourists may be missing them too. Most of the awards went to the center and southern reagions of Portugal with only Paiva Trails, in Arouca, managed to break the barriers and award northern Portugal an award.

It makes us think, though: what about Xisto Villages? Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês? The beautiful villages of Sistelo, Arcos de Valdevez, Ponte de Lima, Guimarães..?


There is so much more to Portugal than what meets the eye! And these small towns, there less visited places, they must never be forgotten or crossed off your traveling programme.

Visit Portugal! Visit the World’s Best Destination, the one who managed to beat the Maldives, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Visit the number one country in the world that will grand you great beaches, awesome good and stunning landscapes.

Don’t skip the nature side of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês. Don’t skip the famous Francesinha sandwich or our renowed espresso café. Don’t skip the country where luxury is affordable. Don’t skip one of the most LGBT friendly countries in Europe.

Don’t skip Portugal. Never skip Portugal.