when to visit portugal

When to visit Portugal

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Portugal is on everyone’s minds, no doubt about that. With the all the recognition and awards, our contry is now one of the countries is most travel lists. But, as with any other country, it’s important to know when to visit Portugal.

when to visit portugal
Photo by Bruno Luz

Given its geographical localization, Portugal is king when it comes to weather. We’ve mentioned in another article just how different Portugal is from north to south and this means that you can visit Portugal throughout the year and not be disappointed.

In order to help you choose your next Portuguese city or region, here’s a few tips on when to visit Portugal depending on the seasons.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][nectar_cta btn_style=”see-through” heading_tag=”h3″ text_color=”#1ab3b1″ link_type=”new_tab” alignment=”center” link_text=”Looking forward to visit?” url=”https://pathwaynorth.com/tailor-made-holidays/”][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]

  • Spring

Spring is one of most preferred seasons for travelers. There’s sunshine, weather is not too hot and the rain levels decrease. No disadvantages here!

Spring is a great time to visit Portugal from north the south. The sunny days will fill you with joy and you can easily enjoy a Pastel de Nata on a café’s terrace. The season’s flowers are blooming, the trees getting greener and nature seems happy.

If you’re more into visiting cities and experiencing culture, we’d recommend paying a visit to the center or north of Portugal.

In the center region, Lisbon is the city to start, following later the path to Setubal, Sintra, Alcobaça, Batalha and Fátima. This will help you learn a lot about the portuguese culture and also allow you to enjoy the beautiful gardens of Sintra and the beaches from the Lisbon coast. Of course, the dives in the beach are reserved for the bravest, as the sea temperature may still be very low!

If you choose to experience less touristic locations, choose to visit the north of Portugal. You can start your trip in Porto, take a one day Douro cruise, and then visit the smallest cities of Braga, Guimarães, Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo. For a more authentic and nature-like experience, definitely stay for about a week and the Peneda-Gerês National Park can be something to include.

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  • Summer

Summer is great! Barbecues, going to the beach, enjoying waterparks. What’s not to love?

For summer holidays, the south of Portugal is definitely a “must-go”. The Algarve coast is beautiful with stunning views and great hotels so you can enjoy stress-free holidays. Especially when travelling with kids.

Another great place for beach holidays with all inclusive board would be the island of Porto Santo, in Madeira. The Pestana and Vila Baleira 4* and 5* hotels offer great all inclusive service in beach front hotels.

If you’re more into surfing, we’d strongly recommend visiting Nazaré or Peniche in order to get the best waves.

In all fairness, it’s hard to choose a place that’s not great to visit in the summer so feel free to explore the whole country!


the algarve coast
Photo by Dahee Son

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  • Autumn

There’s no doubt about what the best places to visit in Portugal during Autumn season are: the Douro Valley and the Minho.

The Douro Valley is where world-class Port Wine and Red Wine are produced. When visiting the Douro in Autumn, you can experience the best of Douro cruises as you will see first-hand the reason why they named it Rio Douro (Douro River = Golden River). The leaves falling from the trees would grant the river a sort of golden look and so the Douro River was baptized.

The Minho, on the other hand, is the sole producer and maker of Vinho Verde (Young/Green wine), which is a sort of lightly sparkling wine. If you choose the Minho you’ll be able to become of the few to experience the various types of Vinho Verde.

Both are the natural choices to visit in Autumn. Not only you have great things to see and taste, but you can also book a tour to try and be a part of the production for a few hours! How’s taking part in producing world class wine during your holidays sound like?


  • Winter

During winter, holidays can become a bit more troubly. Us, the portuguese, we prefer to spend some weekends where we know we enjoy warmth yet look at the cloudy, rainy outside.

SPA hotels are a great way to spend a quick winter break. But you know what’s even better? Being a SPA and overlooking the snow outside.

In the winters, Serra da Estrela, the hightest peak point mountain in continental Portugal, has the advantage of gathering great spa hotels, great food, good prices and snow. There no better way to enjoy a calm and soothing weekend than here.

If snow isn’t important – of if you’re tired of it – you can also enjoy the great SPA hotels of the Minho, like Torre de Gomariz Wine & SPA Hotel 5*, or the greatly awared Aqua Village Health Resort & SPA 5*.

Torre de Gomariz SPA
Photo from Torre de Gomariz Wine & SPA Hotel 5*

Deciding when to visit Portugal seems a lot easier now, right? If you’re still unsure and would like more information, we’d be happy to help. You can read all about the influencers who visited North Portugal or simply get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]