Aren’t you tired of always hearing about the same countries, the same language and seeing the same photos? Now’s the time to change! Here are a few reasons why you should choose Portugal for your holidays.

Portugal is currently one of the top destinations for travellers to stay on holidays. There’s great food, great people and SO many different idyllic places for great photos. There’s really little to no reasons to skip Portugal as you can see on the video below.

If you still need that extra few reasons why you should choose Portugal for your holidays, here’s our input.


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  • Portugal is a perfect fit for pretty much all types of travellers.

Would you prefer a beach break after a week of hard work? To lay on your beach towel, sipping a great, cold beer, and take a few dives into the ocean? The southern beaches of the Algarve or Costa Vicentina will for sure fit your standards. The best part? If you stay for 3 days, you’ll go back home as good as new. If you stay for a week, our beaches will start to look like home too.

Why you should choose Portugal for your holidays.

But maybe you’re tired of the city sounds and need something calmer? Why not visit northern Portugal and take a break in one of Minho’s rural housing options? In a rural lodging facility, the sounds of nature will accompany you while you rest and relax. The hardest part will be to go back home!

Read about our experience in rural housing to know more.

Gerês: Why you should choose Portugal for your holidays


  • Portugal is cheaper than most European countries on the west side

That’s right! We have great hotels, good rural housing options, very nice beaches, landscapes and a good amount of historical sites. But we are still one of the cheapest places you can visit on a quick city break or on a one week holiday. Did you know a city break of 3 days to Braga can cost as little as 200€ per person, including accomodation in a double room, shuttle transfers and a tour?

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  • Portuguese wine is remarkable and has won several prizes

You’ve probably heard of Port Wine, even if you’re not a wine enthusiast or lover. Port Wine is known worldwide and is exclusive from Portugal, more specifically from the Douro region, in the north. In fact, it is so well known an recognized that there’s a whole tourism niche built around it. You can visit the caves, have wine tasting sessions, make a cruise along the Douro river or stay at a 4* or 5* hotel overlooking the river. There are unlimited possibilites.

why you should visit portugal


Are these reasons are not enough but they have skiped your interest? Are you maybe a bit confused as to where you should go? Schedule a free, exclusive session with us so we can answer your questions and guide you when making the right decision for your holidays.


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There’s really an unlimited number of reasons why you should choose Portugal for your holidays. We could go on and on about how great our country is. But we believe some secrets must be kept until you visit. Are you ready for your holidays in Portugal?