Have you ever wondered why everyone’s been talking about our country? Have you ever wondered how happy you’d actually be when visiting us? We’ll try to paint a picture to help you answer the question “Why love Portugal“.

Portugal has been on everyone’s thoughts and travel lists for a few years now. The Algarve beaches are featured in most traveling websites and travel agencies in Europe. Lisbon, also, is nowadays a city for a 3 day quick escapade for most european travelers.

Psst! Ever heard of Arcos de Valdevez?

If you ask most of those who’ve visited us already, it won’t be easy for them to tell you why they loved (and/or still love) Portugal. This happens for a simple reason: you can’t really classify why you love something. It’s hard to put it to words.

However, we’ll try to let you in on a few portuguese secrets that may lift the veil.

  • Portugal is different from north to south so it pleases all types of travelers

We tend to believe most cities and regions is all countries are different. But how different are they, really? In Portugal, we can go from cold, snowy weather to medium-high temperatures within 500km. You can easily get negative temperatures and snow in Serra da Estrela while getting 15 degree temperatures in the Algarve. Not that you would want to swim with 15 degrees out, I think!

Why Love Portugal

Even our landscape is quite different. The Minho region and the Douro Valley are mountain like regions, with a national park that amazes anyone who visits. Alentejo, on the other hand, is a lot more plain. Both are green areas, both filled with lots of interesting things to do (including trails, birdwatching and even a hot-aired ballon tour).

  • Our food tastes delicious – and it’s cheap!

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in western Europe to visit, but it doesn’t fault us in quality. Portuguese food portions can feed up to two people, meaning a regular 20€ meal can easily be split. Yes, including desert! If you prefer something a bit fancier and don’t mind spending money, The Yeatman Hotel and Restaurand is one of the best in Porto. Its meals can cost at least 80€ per person (excluding drinks). This would be the most expensive we’d recommend for good, pricey food, as well as awesome views over the Douro River.

To match it up, our wine varieties will please even the most picky wine lovers. If you’ve never tasted Port Wine, we strongly recommend you do – when you visit Portugal, of course 🙂

Port Wine

  • You can tailor your trip and make the most of all you love doing

Because Portugal is so rich in culture, nature, beaches and experiences – would you enjoy a gastronomic experience? -, it is incredibly easy for you to tailor your trip as it pleases you most. Are you someone who likes hiking but also enjoyes spending some time in an all inclusive beach resort? If so, we can recommend taking 4 to 5 days in Minho for some hiking and then flying to the Algarve to rest in your all inclusive resort. Or else, why not take the train and do a trip in Portugal from north to south?

Becoming in love with Portugal is easy, we can assure you. We will welcome you as part of the family and make you feel like at home. Why love Portugal? We believe the question would be “why not?”